March 20, 2017
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KFC Has A New Ad Campaign For Its Five In One Meal Boxes

To promote its five in one meal boxes, KFC India has been running an ad extensive ad campaign. The campaign films suggest that the five in one meal boxes are a ‘smart’ meal choice.

The Five In One Box

KFC’s five in one meal box combines five KFC favourites in one box. The five in one rice meal box contains Rice ‘n Gravy, one piece of Hot and Crispy Chicken, 2 pieces of Hot Wings, Yumfills Choco Pie and Pepsi.

Meanwhile, the Five in One Zinger Meal box contains a Chicken Zinger, 2 piece Hot Wings, a Potato Hash Brown, Yumfills Choco {ie and Pepsi.

The TVCs

To promote the five in one meal boxes, there are three ad films, one which features comedian Mallika Dua. Two of the films, whcih have been conceptualised by Oglivy & Mather, blame inanimate objects for taking a long time to make an obviously easy decision:

Meanwhile, in a film conceptualised by OML, Dua laments the many silly decisions she made in her life before comforting herself with the KFC meal box.

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