KFC, McD, & Burger King Pitch In On The On-Going Burger Emoji Argument
November 1, 2017

KFC, McD, & Burger King Pitch In On The On-Going Burger Emoji Argument

Media analyst Thomas Baekdal stirred up quite a social media storm when he pointed out the (mis)placement of cheese in Google’s hamburger emoji. His tweet soon sliced up the Twitter-verse into a bunch of camps – some rooting for Google’s emoji, others comparing it to Apple’s and taking the iOS hamburger’s side, while other were rather satisfied with Microsoft’s take on it. The “issue” was such a trend that even Google CEO Sundar Pichai picked up on it.

And while the Twitteratis were at it, defending and debating, leading food chains in India sparked off a face-off of their own. Apparently, it was the Colonel (KFC) who simply couldn’t keep quiet, and tweeted this:

Pretty neat, eh? Well, McDonald’s India may have one leg stuck in a major lawsuit but that did not keep the fast food chain from joining in on the cheeky debate. Ronald McDonald’s camp tweeted saying that it doesn’t really matter how the burger is layered, “it’ll be delicious for sure, as long as it is McDonald’s”.

Of course, KFC India got back with a reply, this time tagging in some major newsrooms like ET Brand Equity and Buzzfeed India as well. Take a look.

McD India shut KFC India down with this.

Burn Level: McMaharaja!

Not one to back down easily, KFC got back with this:

Meanwhile, Burger King whooped both the burger chains’ hinds with this:

Now all we need is Wendy’s to pour some more pun and wit laden tweets all over this chain and we’ve got ourselves a popcorn-worthy argument!


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