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Did KFC just serve Kentucky Fried Rat instead of Chicken?


It’s a sad day for KFC Lovers all over the world. After being marred with a number of controversies like worms and larvae in their food, KFC has come under the scanner for allegedly having served a customer fried rat.

Yes, guys that’s right. We have to say after Maggi debacle, we aren’t sure what exactly is going on in the processed food world, but we can take some (not much) solace in the fact that this happened in California.

This unfortunate incident happened to Devorise Dixon who put up two pictures, showing a KFC food product with a distinct tail, almost resembling a rat which have now gone viral on the social media platform Facebook.

Warning: The images are disturbing and we advice you to exercise caution

Devorise Dixon also claims that when he approached the manager of the food-joint, the latter admitted that it was a rat.

The fast food giant has said that an investigation found no evidence to support this claim – but did not confirm what the piece of food was.

Devorise uploaded several pictures of the supposed rodent on Facebook, before sealing it in a bag and putting it in the freezer.