These KFC Jumpsuits Are The Reason Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Are The Best!

How do you break away from clichéd quote-stamped, hand-in-hand, doing-things-together “relationship goals”? Cookbook author/model Chrissy Teigen and her partner-in-finger-slicing, musician John Legend have two words for you – KFC onesies.

Recently, at a Hollywood pajama party hosted by actress Jessica Alba, the iconic couple showed up dressed in what can only be described as ‘mind-blowingly dapper’ KFC-themed onesies/jumpsuits. Teigen had a massive Colonel Sanders printed down her front, while Legend rocked a fried chicken print garb.


If Teigen’s Instagram and Twitter handles are anything to go by, the quirky jumpsuits definitely caught all eyeballs and we wouldn’t expect any less either. Though, as Teigen points out, her hair and make-up crew did have a tough time pairing that outfit with an equally on-point look.

But will you look at how flawlessly casual yet absolutely gorgeous the two look?!

And while this was John Legend’s first run in food overalls, Teigen has bee a pro at it since the day she threw on the Big Mac PJs and rocked it way better than any other person on this planet could!


Meanwhile, baby Luna is gearing up to join her parents as a tiny KFC Snacker soon.


Featured Image: Eater