KFC India Has Set Up An ATM In Gurgaon And You’ll Never Guess What It’s Dispensing

At present, ATMs are not an Indian’s best friend; either they have no money at all, long queues outside them or only dispense Rs.2000 notes which are incredibly hard to break. However, KFC India has just launched a special ATM which will always be full – of Nashville Dollars that is.

Why Nashville Dollars?

These Nashville dollars can be presented at a KFC outlet in Delhi and you’ll get KFC’s legendary Nashville Chicken in exchange.

KFC’s Nashville chicken is extremely popular in America and features a blend of spicy cayenne and smoked paprika which are available in Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy™ Chicken forms as well as in a burger.

To get the Nashville dollars, visitors to the ATM will have to answer a couple of questions on the ATM screen. Don’t worry, even if you get them wrong you’ll be able to get some dollars.

The ATM is currently at Gurgaon’s CyberHub. However, KFC states the concept will rolled out in other locations to promote the introduction of Nashville chicken.

Commenting on the new launch, Lluis Ruiz Ribot, the CMO of KF India said “The Nashville chicken has a cult-like following across the USA, and KFC is the first to bring this USA original recipe to India. In the past few months, everyone has seen that good things are worth the wait – whether at ATMs, or in life. We just decided to make the waiting a little more fun and rewarding. We wanted to make the launch as legendary as possible.”