KFC India Rolls Out Ad For Its New ‘Friendship Bucket’ With Four Types Of Chicken

To celebrate the launch of their new ‘Friendship Bucket’ of chicken, KFC India has put together a TVC featuring the bucket, which is titled ‘Unlikely Friendships’

The Ad

Conceptualized by Oglivy & Mather and produced by Curious Films, the ad features two customers in a KFC restaurant having a conversation over a Friendship Bucket.

In the ad, we see a vocally challenged man telling his friend that he should go watch a movie with their other friends, as he’ll have more fun there. When the friend asks him why, he replies that he cannot talk. However, the friend jibes him, asking then who has been chattering on for all this time, lightening the mood.

Talking about the new campaign, Lluis Ruiz Ribot, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, Friendship has always been one of the most important and deep relationships in the lives of the youth. At KFC, we want to inspire people to have a different take on it, by championing diversity in friendship. We believe that the more unlike your friends are from you, the richer the friendship is. That’s why in the new campaign we feature stories about friends that are different, yet together. “

The Friendship Bucket

Just like the ad highlights friendships between different people, the Friendship Bucket brings together four different preparations of chicken in one massive bucket.

The bucket contains 3 pieces of hot wings, 3 pieces of hot & crispy chicken, 3 pieces of boneless strips and popcorn chicken. It’s available across India for Rs399 plus taxes.