KFC India Was Rewarding Customers’ Concentration With Nashville Chicken In Mumbai

We’re living in an attention-deficit world. Whenever we’re doing anything at all – from working to watching a movie to hanging out with friends – our mind wanders. In a unique move, KFC India was rewarding people who were able to display high levels of concentration at an event at Mumbai’s Growel’s 101 Mall organised by Blink Digital.

Tele-connect to Nashville

Participants in the event were given a change to wear Neurosky, a headset which monitors brain activity and rates concentration between 1-100.

If participants’ concentration levels reached 100, participants were rewarded by the chance to open the ‘Nashville Treasure Box’. Inside the box they found KFC’s Nashville chicken, as well as – for one lucky participants – a ticket to Nashville in the USA and a year’s supply of Nashville Chicken.

Lluis Ruiz Ribot, chief marketing officer, KFC India said, “We have all heard that our minds can move mountains. Through this fun activation, we wanted to tell consumers that it could help them a trip to Nashville, USA too. In this day and age where our attention spans are lower than a goldfish’s, we thought it would be an interesting way to reach to consumers and get them to challenge their minds.”

The event was held to promote and introduce customers to KFC’s Nashville Chicken which came to India late last year. Nashville Chicken features a blend of spicy cayenne and smoked paprika and is available in Chicken Littles, Extra Crispy Chicken and burger form.