KFC Double Down v/s KFC Chicken Zinger, What’s Your Pick? #POLL

It’s not a secret or mystery anymore. KFC has finally dropped all the secrecy with the launch of its mystery burger – the bun-less wonder, a.k.a. the Double Down Burger. The limited edition item, which will be available only for the next six weeks, across all KFC restaurants in India, has become quite the talk of the town with its burger-like preparation albeit without any bread. Yes, it’s all chicken, cheese, and veggies. Imagine that!


Zinger v/s Double Down

Now, while most of us are stoked with this exclusive chicken-rich burger, some are not too impressed and would rather stick to the good ol’ KFC Chicken Zinger. With the bun, thank you very much. Why? Well, because it has been professed time and again that the perfect burger has to fluffy buns sandwiching all meat, sauces, and greens.

That said, a bun-less burger too is perfect in its own ways, right? What part of wood fire and fajita sauce with veggies and cheese sitting between succulent pieces of chicken with crispy, crunchy flakes doesn’t make your mouth drool? And what’s more? Both, the Double Down and Chicken Zinger are priced somewhat similarly at INR 165 and INR 125, respectively.

We obviously cannot decide between a zinger and double down. But what about you? Which of the two would you rather have? Vote Below and let us know!

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