KFC In Bangor Serves A College Student A Raw Chicken Burger

According to the reports by The Bangor Aye, a Bangor University student named Molly was served a raw ‘Double Down’ burger by a KFC outlet situated at the High Street on Tuesday. The burger had launched in the UK on 9th October and is considered one of the most successful burger of KFC being sold in the US since 2010.

What Went Wrong

Molly told The Bangor Aye, “I went in yesterday but it was so popular that they had ran out of fillets. I tried again today and it was so busy, I waited in line for at least 10 minutes, then I ordered my food and was waiting even longer. I took my food home and I ate the thinner part first, I was wondering if it was a bit pink so I start pulling it apart and lo and behold, its raw!”

She took the burger back to the outlet and got a refund and made a complaint to the customer services of KFC which she still is waiting to hear back from. She is also worried about falling sick as she added, “I am nervous about being ill, it’s only been a few hours and I feel sick.” The burger is available in the UK till 19th November.