Kevin Bacon Stars In A Spoof Ad For His Fragrance “Bacon Perfume”


The advertisement, which also stars late night television host James Cordon, is all about Bacon’s perfume. No like literally the aroma that comes out of Kevin Bacon, which is apparently the actual bacon smell. Yes, the edible pig bacon. Not that I mind, I mean Kevin Bacon is gorgeous in this I’m-a-bad-guy-but-you’ll-still-fall-for-me kind of way and everything; but bacon is bacon is bacon.

‘Bacon by Bacon’ is not real, okay? Bacon and Colbert just got together one day and probably went “hey, you know what’d be really cool? If we spooked one of those intense perfume commercials!” said one. “Oh and we could totally throw in a noir filter and a soft – almost – hushed – voice over for the feels”, said the other. And boy, did they spoof the living life out of almost every perfume commercial out there!

bacon-on-bacon-cologne-615x303Image: Nerdist

The perfume may not be a thing but this spoof totally is! Bacon by Bacon is “the only smell that captures the essence of both your favourite cured meat and favourite actor,” says the video posted to The Late Late Show with James Corden’s YouTube channel.

The goofy AF duo act out a number of, well, “intense” poses in crisp white and some completely whack props. There comes a point when Bacon is lying in a tub full of bacon. And while that’s more like a dream come true for most of us, it’s downright hilarious in this video!

Before signing off from the 60 seconds of utter and complete madness, Bacon and Colbert address the authenticity of the perfume by answering the question of whether the cologne really smells like bacon or Kevin Bacon. The latter clears all doubt by answering we smell exactly the same.” And that’s kind of unsettling at many levels but, bacon. 

Who knows, maybe some Kevin Bacon Fandom is already on it and we really will see a ‘Bacon by Bacon’ cologne in shops soon. One should never underestimate what fans can do for their beloved idols. Brad Pitt would agree!


Feature Image: Lainey Gossip