Keventers Is Finally Here In Chennai And All That Waiting Has Been Totally Worth It

A stone’s throw away from The Thickshake Factory, on Khader Nawaz Khan, it’s not very hard to miss Keventers, thanks to the huge crowd waiting eagerly for that beautiful bottle of some branded milkshake. You might want to work on your patience a bit because you will be waiting for a really, really long time to get your hands on that bottle.


So for those of who you who don’t know what the hype is all about, let us sum it up for you. Started with a dairy plant by Edward Keventer, a proud Swedish dairy technologist in 1926, it was later acquired by Ram Krishna Dalmia, who started selling the forefathers of milkshakes or as they called it then, flavoured milk in their iconic bottles. Now, Keventer’s have become synonymous authentic milkshakes, and no wonder everyone is going crazy about them!

Back to present day. There is no doubt that all that amount of waiting and stomping your feet impatiently will be totally worth it. From their Thick shakes, pick the one you want out of Mint Oreo Crumble, Melting Rose, Bubblegum and Caramello. If you want to try out their Fruity Shakes, you can choose from their Luscious Blueberry, Fresh Raspberry, Alphonso Mango and so on. The Thick Shake and Fruity Shake are priced at INR 200 plus GST and the Classic Shakes are for INR 150.

So, let’s get grab our wallets and patience, and stand in a long queue for these amazing milkshakes, shall we?