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Ketchupp Is A Platform That Finds The Best Dishes In An Area Based On Extensive Data Analysis


While there’s a plethora of platforms (social media, apps like Zomato) that foodies can use when looking for restaurants, or delivery services in India, there are fewer options telling them the best dishes they can have once they reach the restaurant. There are even fewer platforms a foodie can turn to when they’re craving a specific dish, and want to find out where to get the best one in the area.

Enter Ketchupp, a Gurgaon based service that does just that. Using input gathered from a variety of sources and specially developed algorithms, Ketchupp has developed a system that finds the best food whether you’re searching for specific locations, dishes or restaurants.

How It Works

A scroll through Ketchupp’s website reveals that it was created to answer a simple question; “Yahan Best Kya Milta Hain” – referring, in this case, to the best food in an area or a restaurant.


The website is also filled with metaphors about what Ketchupp does. For instance, Ketchupp itself is “a platform to enhance the taste of your foodgasms, just like your favourite ketchup.”

It does this by sifting through ‘raw material’ – i.e data – and processing it to create the final product – recommendations about what to eat. This task is carried out in Ketchupp’s ‘Kitchen’ by its ‘Chefs’ – the analysers of the data.


The App

This process becomes easier to understand when you take a look at Ketchupp’s Android app.


Under their ‘How We Recommend’ section, Ketchupp explains that it starts with gathering public opinion (reviews, views and experiences collected from a multitude of sources) about dishes and restaurants. It then uses data analysis to analyse the dish and assigns it a percentage.

By specifying the location they are in, or the dish they want, users can see the percentage that Ketchupp has given dishes at different restaurants (the higher the better) and make their choice accordingly. It also, helpfully, gives the prices of the dish and the address of the restaurant a user can find it at.


Additionally, since the app requires you to sign in with your Facebook account, it will tell you whether your Facebook friends have validated a particular dish.

The Future

The app was launched in Google Play in late November and YourStory reports that it has been downloaded 1000 times. The team plans to launch an IOS app and to increase the amount of recommended dishes in the near future.