Kerala’s Response To The Beef Ban Is Nothing Short Of Epic

If you’re from Kerala or you’ve ever met anyone from Kerala you’ll know that we absolutely cannot live without beef. Give me some beef fry any day and I’ll be the happiest camper in the world. So, obviously, the news of the impending beef ban had us shook. However, I’m delighted to say that Kerala’s response to the beef ban has been pretty darn amazing.

Beef fests were organised throughout the state where protesters distributed and cooked beef on the roadside in order to protest the centre’s decision. This occurred even with the promise of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s assurance that he would speak to Prime Minister Modi about this.

CM Vijayan has in fact already sent a letter to the Prime Minster’s Office. In addition to this, he amped up his disapproval about the law by saying that Kerala doesn’t need a “lesson in food habits from New Delhi or Nagpur. The state government will give all facilities to people to have food of their choice. There is no need for Keralites to learn it from anybody in New Delhi or Nagpur.”

CM Vijayan also took to Twitter to hash out the repercussions of a beef ban.

The CM of Kerala is spot on with his observations. The beef ban, although seen on the surface as just about food, actually attacks the principles of democracy and secularity that this country was founded on. Telling consenting adults what they can and cannot eat is not in the central government’s job description. But hey, according to them, I’m just a beef eater, who am I to judge?