Kerala Law College Pulls Up Student In A Beefy Affair

Beef and Kerala are practically synonymous (my dad is from Kerala I’m allowed to say that). Unfortunately, with the beef ban virus sweeping India, even this may be changing. A law college in Kozhikode issued a memo to a student for allegedly bringing in and cooking beef at the campus.

The principal of Bhavan’s NA Palkhivala Academy for Advanced Legal Studies and Research at Ramanattukara, pulled up student Sarjas TA and issued a memo to him.

It is thought that Sarjas brought beef on campus as a part of a protest organized by the Students Federation of India against the closure of the college canteen. As a part of the protest, students cooked dishes of rice, fish curry, chicken and sambar to distribute around college. However, Sarjas, an activist of the SFI, said that beef wasn’t on the menu.


The protest happened on March 20. The memo issued by the principal said that it has come to the college’s notice that beef was brought and cooked in the campus, which is an ‘unpardonable offence’. It also said that the student has created a tense situation by sparking communal violence in the campus (seriously?).

Lucky for me, Kerala is among the few states which have been resisting what many see as the beef politics of the Union Government led by BJP (why you gotta hate on beef?). The resistance from the state has been firm, with many protesters opposing the beef ban by publicly serving and eating beef whenever instances of assault were reported from other parts of the country. Interestingly enough, BJP candidate for Malappuram by-poll N Sreeprakash promised voters that he would give beef to voters on a platter brought directly from air-conditioned slaughter houses if he wins. We’re unsure if this sentiment will be followed up on, I guess his voters will just have to wait and see.