Keep It Gangster With Heady Cocktails By BKC Dive Mumbai

Keep It Gangster With Heady Cocktails By BKC Dive Mumbai

Impressed by Gaithonde’s dialogues or the thug life of Pablo Escobar? Then live it up just like them at BKC Dive for they have dedicated awesome cocktails to the extremely popular pop-culture gangsters. If you want to know more about the taste and bar bites, we’ve done that bit for you. So read on and find out which badass cocktails suits your palate.

The Thug Life

The Dive Cartel, ongoing till the end of October is welcoming you to the “familia” with five giant cocktails –  Pablo Escobar’s Coconut Limonada, Heisenberg’s LIIT, Gaithonde’s Manali Cream, El Chapo’s Michelada and Al Capone’s Scarface. All of them are served in a giant skull glass with a touch of liquid nitrogen giving it that spooky effect enough to evoke the bad guy or bad gal in you. The cocktails are all priced at Rs.499 which a good deal considering the size of them. We tried all five of them and yes, we made it home just fine thank you!

Speaking of the best ones first, we loved, loved, loved Gaithonde’s Manali Cream. This was a concoction of Old Monk Rum, Thandai Mix, Paan Flavour and Cold Milk. The flavours were lovely, desi at heart and just like our Sacred Games thug. Our second favourite was El Chapo’s Michelda which was made up of tap beer, tomato juice, tabasco, lime juice, chilli powder and salt. Fiery as hell, this made us reach out all the more to the Chicken Hazaarwi recommended to us. The drink suited the gangster perfectly and the chicken was absolutely heavenly and a must try.

Next up was Al Capone’s Scarface which had light rum, dark rum, triple sec,orange, pineapple, lime juice, sugar and grenadine. Sweet Death is what we’d like to call it as it was in striking contrast to the spicy El Chapo. This cocktail goes well with BKC Dive’s spicy bar bites like Mushroom Chilli and Chicken 65. Last but not the least, we thoroughly enjoyed Pablo Escobar’s Coconut Limonada and Heisenberg’s LIIT. The limonada was made with bacardi select, coconut cream, lime juice and grenadine. The cocktail was smooth just like the mafia lord it represents. The LIIT dedicated to a phenomenal show, Breaking Bad was absolutely amazing too and Dive known for its LIITs it was bound to be great.

We had a gangsta’ evening at BKC Dive and simply loved it. The crazy skull glasses, the decor, the smoky cocktails and the bloody flag were simply great. The cocktails too were a big win with respect to the taste. So get your mafia together and dive into the Dive Cartel, head first!