Katy Perry Stuffing Her Face With Chicken Nuggets Is All Of Us

American singer and songwriter Katy Perry has become quite the reality TV sensation with her on-going stint as a panelist on American Idol. When she’s not judging the contestants, Perry is often seen indulging in interesting chitchat with the participants that have become a recurring occurrence on our social media feeds. The Dark Horse singer’s most recent appearance on television was for a Japanese show called Sukkiri, where she took on a bevy of, you guessed it, chicken nuggets.

The singer, who is visiting the Far East for the Asia chapter of her Witness Tour, was presented with a table loaded with tiny takeaway cartons full of chicken nuggets from well-known Japanese convenience store chain, Lawson. Now, like any sane meat-eating person, Perry’s first reaction was that of joy. Because, chicken nuggets. The fried snacks came were spread out in a variety of flavours ranging from regular to cheesy and spicy. Yes, we’re drooling too.

So, what would you do if you were presented with so many chicken nuggets? One word, hog, right? And that’s exactly what the 33-year-old Swish Swish singer did. Without so much as a second thought, Perry went down on a carton of nuggets, stuffing her face with as many as she could. Of course, she couldn’t ingest them all, but hey she clearly was into those nuggets. And that’s supremely relatable at a personal level!

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