Kate Moss’ 7-Day Detox Plan Can Cut Down Up To 2kg In A Week

It’s summertime, and unless you’re aiming for a potato look (like yours truly), you’d want to get in shape before all the pretty swimsuits and hot pants are out of stock. Enter food expert Amanda Hamilton. The nutritionist is the brains behind the fab forms of celebs like Amanda Byram, Kate Moss and more.

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Amanda Hamilton

Image: Daily Mail

The health expert recently revealed her coveted one-week meal plan that she uses to help her clients detox cut back on fat. Along with portion control, the regime highlights healthy as well as flavorsome eating and includes meals like Cajun chicken & crispy slaw and carrot cake energy balls.


Three Part Plan

The diet is based on three major pillars. The first is to remove ingredients from our diet that can upheave the gut (for example, wheat). Secondly, it’s important to concentrate on digestion. The detox plan includes foods like bananas that help in digestion.

And lastly, the detox tweaks your cravings for carbs and sugars as it is also about mindful eating and not just stuffing your face with food.salads


Hail Hydration!

If followed religiously for seven days, an average of 4lbs (~2kg) can be shed, Hamilton says. Of course it isn’t just the diet that works its magic alone. The regime has to be coupled with plenty of hydration in the form of water and herbal teas throughout the day, and caffeine consumption has to be kept to a bare minimum.chamomile-tea-400x400


Get the recipes for the full plan here.


Source: Daily Mail

Feature Image: Huffington Post