Here Are Some Of Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Favourite Foods To Order In

You may think that residing in the world’s most royal quarters and calling the Buckingham Palace home means having the best of chefs, recipes, and spreads at your disposal (maybe even a big Coke button like President Trump!). And while that is true, it does not stop from Prince William and Kate Middleton from ordering in some takeaway food. And the royal couple has favourites too!

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, the couple answered a few questions about their food. It all started with a question that a lot of us have wanted to know, “Are you allowed to order a takeaway if you wanted to?”. Of course they are allowed! In fact, Prince William says, “It’s very important.” Because what’s comfort and royalty without some takeaway food, amirite? The two went on to talk about preferred choice of cuisine when ordering in.

So what do the Duke and Duchess like to have on a casual night in? Needless to say, the two do have a bunch of choices at their disposal but for the Duchess, the go-to choice is almost always Indian food, specifically curry. The Prince, on the other hand, confessed “it’s a real conundrum when it comes to it. Pizza, curry, or Chinese.”Here Are Some Of Kate Middleton & Prince William's Favourite Foods To Order In

According to Kate, the young monarch does struggle while choosing what to order, which is as close in characteristic as we can get to the Duke. However, one thing that makes the decision a bit easier though is that William can’t tolerate food that’s too spicy. He told BBC Radio 1, “I’m not so good with the spicy food though. I’m not good at spice.”

But here’s a luxury you’ve never had while ordering food. The Duke and Duchess have a third person order their take out, and pick it up for them. So yeah, you can go back to feeling like a simpleton again.


Feature Image: yalantis