Cuisine And More: Celebrate Karnataka At Hotel Mövenpick, Bengaluru

Known for its rich culture and heritage, classical and Hindustani music, fine arts, sculptures, dance, and food, Karnataka is blessed with a diverse makeup conforming to all the romance of quintessential India. My Place, Mövenpick Hotel & Spa, brings to you the Karnataka Food Festival to celebrate everything this state stands for. 

Walking towards the entrance you will feel like you’re approaching one of Karnataka’s borders. Tastefully decorated with flowers, lamps and banana leaves, it is the perfect portal to a place that truly understands the spirit of Karnataka.

Karnqtaka Food Festival - Movenpick

Spearheading the food festival, Chef Gaurav Bathla, has crafted a menu that will take you on a gastronomic journey all around Karnataka. “Bordered by Goa, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, Karnataka cuisine influences and is influenced by the states around. Mangalorean and Goan food are very similar, and Guntur chillies imported from Andhra Pradesh are roasted and used in dishes for their spice and flavour”, said Chef Gaurav.

Having been brought up in Bangalore, around the areas of Jayangar and Banashankari, a lot of the dishes on the menu are what he remembers trying at local joints in these areas, notably, Bangalorean favourites such as bajjis, congress masala and nippat masala. “While showcasing these flavours in the festival, I have kept it as rustic as possible so the dishes touch everyone’s heart”, he said.


The Spread At This Cultural Feast

The menu showcases flavours from all across the state – the coastal region of Mangalore, Hubli, Belgaum, Coorg, Mysore, and Bangalore. “Karnataka as a cuisine also believes in caste and religion and hence the menu also features food from different castes such as the brahmin influences from the rig veda, iyengar styles of cooking and kodava influenced cuisine”, said Chef Gaurav.

Speaking about the menu, “Food is very personal” he said, “So, I have curated everything for you to eat in a way that balances flavours according to your preference.” Treat your taste buds to Mangalorean delicacies such as Maruvaisukka – a rustic and rugged preparation of clams and mussels dry roasted with green chillies, fenugreek, curry leaves and traditional spices, Mangalorean prawn curry with sannas or kori roti, among other delectable mangalorean preparations.

Maruvisakka Karnataka Food Festival

Indulge in the flavours of Coorg by digging into mouth-watering Pandhi curry and neer dosa, and some delicious chicken ghee roast. For the traditional, vegetarian flavours of Karnataka, there’s a plethora of choice ranging from Saaru, Sabsige Soppu Palya and Sauthekayi Palya to Akki Rotis, Raagi Mudde, and Jowar Rotis. Truly drool-worthy!


A variety of chutneys such as tomato, coriander, coconut, and peanut, and unique pickels such as prawn, aubergine, bitter gourd, and raw mango add a zing of flavour to this taste bud enticing culinary extravaganza.


All Good Things Have Happy Endings

Indulge your sweet tooth in sinfully delicious desserts such as Dharwad Peda, Obattu in Ghee and Mysore Pak, to name a few. If you’d rather savour the taste of the meal and pass on the sweets, you can wash down your meal with traditional spiced buttermilk or a beverage preparation made from kokam, both great for digestion!


More Than Just Food

The culture of Karnataka is not just about food, and to celebrate Karnataka as an experience, there will also be movie screenings, cultural dances, music and traditional stilt walkers. Also featured are traditional toys from Channapatna, jewellery and shawls.


Event Details

When: 29th September – 13th October
Where: My Plate, My place, Movenpick Hotel & Spa Bangalore
Timing: Lunch & Dinner
Pricing: Lunch – INR1200+TAX
                  Dinner – INR1500+TAX
Contact: 080-43001000