Kanazawa Ice In Japan Sells Popsicles That Do Not Melt

Kanazawa Ice In Japan Sells Popsicles That Do Not Melt

Recently an ice-cream sandwich that wasn’t melting even after facing blistering sun for four days shocked a granny and the internet. Now, an invention by The Biotherapy Development Research Center Co. in Kanazawa is starting to gain attention. These guys have invented “not melting popsicles” which was an accidental discovery but is now being sold as Kanazawa Ice in Japan.

So how did this happen? It began while experimenting with strawberries to help out farmers who were affected by Great East Japan Tsunami and Earthquake of 2011 to sell their product. The fruit wasn’t looking all that appealing visually but a local pastry chef had another idea. He wanted to try using polyphenols which is a naturally occurring chemical in the fruit to make a dessert. After conducting a test it was discovered that this chemical instantly solidifies cream. This led to addition of strawberry extract to frozen desserts and the unmelting ice cream was made.

Another amazing fact about these popsicles are that they are heat resistant too so they can bear the air dryer for at least five minutes. Sold for 500 yen a popsicle, these are an ultimate food invention this year.


Feature Image: Stuff.co.nz


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