Kale & Kaffe Opens 2nd Outlet In Bandra

Kale and Kaffe, a restaurant that serves healthy dishes, opened its second outlet in Bandra. Founded by Abhishek Chhabria, Karan Chhabria and Aditya Wanwari, it promises an unmatched, keto-friendly and satisfying experience. Its offerings include the Superbowl menu, and additional keto dishes designed by nutritionist Dhriti Udeshi.

“We do not want healthy food to just be a luxury. We want it to be affordable to the masses,” said Abhishek.

“Also, with its superbowl menu, we want to promote Kale and Kaffe as a place, that is not just for munch-ins and coffee, but also a place where people can have a hearty guilt-free meal, on the days they are looking for a healthy lunch,” stated Wanwari. 

With the nutritional value of each dish, mentioned below its name, this place aids patrons in keeping their calories in check. The keto menu, designed by Udeshi, offers options such as Avocado Hummus, Aglio Olio Zoodles, and Butter Garlic Prawns. Breakfast options include Pesto and Roasted Tomato Omelette and Truffle Oil Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms.

The super bowls, including Burrata Super-bowl and Pesto Super-bowl, and Keto desserts will make sure that patrons walk out of the place feeling super-light and refreshed.

Patrons can also have guilt-free cheat days, with Keto desserts, and if they are on an all-liquid diet, they can opt for smoothies like Very Berry and Nutella Binge and juices like Tropic Like Its Hot and In Tune Immune.