What Did We Just Watch! This Packet Of Domino’s Oregano Is Infested With Live Bugs! [UPDATED]

Updated on 14 September, 2017

The Jubilant FoodWorks’s team has probed into the matter and assuring consumers about the hygiene and safety of Domino’s foods, it added “a comprehensive inspection across vendors & stores” had been carried, the company said in an official statement.

It further added: “Jubilant FoodWorks maintains stringent hygiene and quality standards for its products. All the vendors and manufacturing units are FSMS (food safety management systems) certified. We also have Hazard & Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified (globally accepted standard for quality certification) commissaries where we follow strict quality standards and have a regular Audit process of all ingredients used.

“Jubilant FoodWorks values its consumers experience and would like to reassure all its Consumers about best quality products, service and a great Domino’s experience at all times.”

And that’s plural bugs, because there were not one, not two but a whole bunch of them!

The only think worse than undercooked food is live food. Especially if it comes masquerading as oregano in a sachet of your favourite pizza company’s seasoning! Because not only do we blindly trust these fast food giants when it comes to hygiene and safety, we also – more often than not – tend to blindly eat what we order. However, that may well change after what recently happened with Delhi resident Rahul Arora.

On September 8, Arora and his wife ordered in a pizza from Domino’s along with which he got the sachets of seasonings. Upon opening one of the leftover sachet the next day, Arora noticed a fleet of bugs gushing out of it. To his surprise, all the leftover sachets from the previous day packed an army of bugs. On September 10, he took to Facebook to share a video of the same along with a fair warning. Take a look.

This is not the first a food company has disappointed its customer by serving a little extra than what was ordered. In the past we’ve seen our share of fried rats, dead lizards, and the works. And that just forces us to raise so many questions regarding just how safe it is to eat out or, in this particular case, even order in!

Needless to say, the couple fell ill after consuming the bugged oregano. Meanwhile, Domino’s Pizza India is yet to give an official statement on the issue, however they did leave an (rather generic, if we may say so) apology on Rahuls’ post.

Further to their conversation, a Domino’s Pizza India executive reached out to their aggrieved customer and apologized. Sweet, right? Except, they offered to repeat the order for Rahul. Err, do we really need to spell out the meaning of ‘infestation’ to Domino’s here? As in infestation with real, alive insects.What Did We Just Watch! This Packet Of Domino's Oregano Is Infested With Live Bugs! [UPDATED]

The food giant said in an official statement: At Domino’s Pizza, we maintain the strictest hygiene and quality standards in all our products and processes. We would like to reassure you that we have thoroughly checked  oregano sachets in our restaurants and across our value chain. We have found them to be safe for consumption. We value you as a customer and assure you of best quality and hygiene in our products. We understand that our consumers love our oregano seasoning. We request everyone to please store any leftover sachets under proper storage conditions.


Feature Image: Oxford Dictionaries Blog