Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Starbucks Rereleases Three Chocolate Filled Drinks

These days, a box of chocolate isn’t enough as a Valentine’s Day gift, upping the game is definitely more exciting. Starbucks is obviously your go-to place for a treat like this, and this year, they’ve re-released three of their famous drinks because they want to help you make your day of love extra special.

Available from February 7th to 14th, the Molten Chocolate Trio was introduced last year and they were obviously coffee drinks filled with molten chocolate. Customers could choose from Molten Chocolate Latte, Molten Chocolate Frappuccino and Molten Hot Chocolate.

And if you’re wondering, these drinks are not part of the Valentine’s Day secret menu, so you will find this on the menu when you walk into a Starbucks shop. As for what each drink has and is worth drinking for….


The Molten Chocolate Latte is available in hot or cold, with chocolate chips melted into the espresso and topped with steamed milk that’s combined with bittersweet mocha sauce. And of course, the drink is completed with a special mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and an espresso drizzle.

While the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino is a cold drink, it’s made from coffee with rich mocha sauce and chocolate chips blended with milk and ice. This is then topped off with the same mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and the espresso mocha drizzle.

If you’re looking for something hot and light on the coffee, then the Molten Hot Chocolate is what you’re looking for. It’s made with bittersweet mocha sauce and chocolate chips melted into steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and the espresso mocha drizzle.

Of course, you can always choose from the Starbucks gift shop if you’d rather get them something else instead of buying them a cup of coffee!