Just A Millet: Karnataka To Host Trade Fair For Millets In Bengaluru

Millets were an integral part of Indian diets in the past, and recently it’s undergone a sort of rebirth. Hailed as a miracle crop, millets boast of a high productivity, a short growing season as well as its ability to grow in relatively dry regions.

In order to boost production and increase consumption of the product, Karnataka’s Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda announced that Bengaluru would host an international trade fair on millets in the middle of January.

International Trade Fair – Organics and Millets

“The three-day trade fair will be held on January 19-21 in the Bengaluru Palace Grounds to popularise millets and offer expertise to the stakeholders in the emerging area for national food security,” Gowda told reports at a preview of the “International Trade Fair – Organics and Millets 2018” in Bengaluru.

“Our government’s organics and millets call is being answered by farmers across the country. Overlooked since the ‘Green Revolution’ of the 1960s, these forgotten food grains are on the comeback because of their superior nutritional profile and as they are drought resistant,” said Gowda.

The state’s Agricultural Department has already put work into increasing the interest in millets by holding roadshows in Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi in October. According to Gowda, Karnataka has already increased its cultivation area for millets from 18 lakh hectares of farm land to 40 lakh hectares across the state in the last two years.

Noting all the benefits from the increase of millet production and usage, we’re certain that the trade fair will be a success!