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What if all your discounts on food could be rounded up? is a start-up by Chennai-ites Arun Venkatesh, Vikash Koushik and Siddharth Anbarasan. Childhood pals and foodies at heart, they found that there wasn’t a common platform for discounts, on food in particular. 

A restaurant’s common problem is that discounts don’t retain customers, they just add to the traffic. And that’s not what every restaurant dreams of, in the long run. 

KonjamDiscount is a product of Vaffle where customers receive incremental discounts from their favorite restaurants based on the number of times they’ve purchased there.

The Co-founder & CEO of Vaffle, Vikash Koushik, explains his product, “If you’re going to Domino’s Pizza and they’re tied up with us, you could buy one of the deals on our website. If the deal is on a bill of Rs.500 you could get the first discount which would be 20%, for example. So you’d pay Rs.400 on our website and show the confirmation mail or SMS to the restaurant and avail your deal. When you want to go back to Domino’s Pizza again next week, you could buy another deal. And our site would automatically recognize that you’re going to buy again from Domino’s. Since you got 20% last time, you’d get 25% now. If you come back again, it’d be 30% and 35% after that till you reach a threshold point. And each time you complete your transaction, you’ve got the choice to share your purchase on your social media to earn some credits which you can use to save more money.”

“At Vaffle, we think that everyone is a foodie in their own way and with food being one of the major components to a human life, it is clearly the biggest market there is and also one with a large scope for improvement to help make life easy and beautiful. With our start-up as a medium to impact so many people’s lives, the kind of satisfaction that we receive is unimaginable. Every morning we wake up to try to impact more people for their betterment, ” he adds. 


They’ve tied up with various restaurants in the city that put their deals on the site. A customer pays his bill on the site, out of which KD takes a cut and hands it to the restaurant.

So more discounts and more customers, everyone’s happy, right?