Junk Food Art Replaces Logos With Calorie Count

Junk food is the topic of the month, it’s the one thing that’s taking over our lives. There’s research that talks about the dangers of celebrities endorsing junk food brands and now there’s also word that junk food is not only causing obesity in India, that leads to acid reflux which causes cancer. Every single day, there will be a new study and lots of new research that points at everything about junk food being unhealthy. 

And now, there’s an Instagram account called Calorie Brands that replaces the logos of popular foods with their calorie counts. For those that measure out everything they eat, then this might just be your new best friend. Of course, the 1680 calories on a box of Domino’s is about the entire box and not a single slice. That doesn’t mean that a single slice is low on calories, but just imagine what it might be like!

Everyone likes their junk food, that’s not even doubt, but how about we take a serious look at exactly what we’re eating and how that’s affecting our bodies instead?

But let’s be honest, how many of us would really give up what we love just because of the calorie count? It’s easy to cut back, but not necessarily easy to just give it up completely. But there’s always a first time for everything.