Junk Food Advertisements on Public Transportation to be Banned in London

CNN reported on November 23rd that advertising junk food and drink on public transportation is now banned in London. The ban will be effective from February 25th 2019.

A Ticking Time-Bomb

London Mayor Sadiq Khan came up with this proposition to tackle the problem of childhood obesity, as it was revealed that London has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Europe. Khan referred to the health concern as a ‘ticking time-bomb’. Studies reported that 40% of children in the 10-11 age group were obese, and that many young children have type 2 diabetes, which is directly linked to obesity.

This rising cause for concern is increasing the stress on the healthcare system, and Khan’s proposition was met with approval and welcomed by many. 82% people approved it on the online discussion platform, Talk London, and many welcomed the move, including Chef Jamie Oliver, who called it ‘amazing’.

CNN reported Lilli Matson, director of transport strategy at TfL, as saying that advertising on London’s transport network reaches a diverse audience of all ages, and consequently plays a crucial role in the health of Londoners.

Starting from February 25th, the public transportation will not carry advertisements for foods high in calories, salt, sugar, fat. This includes edibles like chips, burgers, and sugary drinks, to name a few.

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