Junk It Up With An Eclectic Global Menu At The Junkyard Café, Saket


A place that serves healthy & junk,

One that’s got a little funk.

Made with stuff that most throw,

Here it’s a part of the show.

With these four lines on its menu, Junkyard sure did set a rather high standard of expectation. And it’d be safe to say that we were not disappointed. Nestled between Saket’s popular mall complexes, Junkyard Café sits on the curb facing Southern Park Mall. Basically, you need not battle the mall crowd to get here, which is a massive breather!



Junkyard Vibe

On first look, the lounge-pub-restaurant sets a rather relaxed ambience with its quirky décor that, as the name suggests – is all junk, giving the place a chic junkyard vibe. With Delhi-based restaurant mullah Big Fish Ventures along with majority stakeholder Umang Tewari at the helm, The Junkyard Café promises a great time mixed with a delicious global menu. And if the life-sized wooden biplane above the bar is anything to go by, the drinks will get you soaring high!

Complete with plush settees, high chairs, ambassador-hoods-turned-into-sofas, and garbage-cans-turned-into-couches, mismatched upholstery, junk turned into wall adornments, and a plethora of other eclectic elements, Junkyard lives up to the name.Junk It Up With An Eclectic Global Menu At The Junkyard Café, Saket


Junkyard Food

Let’s talk about the food. Or actually, the plethora of food. The Junkyard Café boasts of an impressive array of cuisines on its menu. Right from North Indian essentials that include the quintessential kebabs, tikkas, and chaats, the menu takes a leap – for the good – into global offering like Italian, Continental, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, American, and European. And what’s even better is that they get each cuisine just right!

Also, to compliment their plethora of food items the restaurant has an equally – if not more – loaded bar menu that packs a heady punch with excellent cocktails, alco pops, and hard poison, as well as non-alcoholic and soft beverages like smoothies, mocktails, and shakes.

Additionally, the restaurant also does a selection of wholesome foods for the health junkies. So the weight-watchers can take their pick from a range of salads, soups, healthy chaats, and the likes. Here’s a quick look at all that we picked from Junkyard’s diverse menu.Junk It Up With An Eclectic Global Menu At The Junkyard Café, Saket


What We Had:

Sesame Paneer Tikka – Junkyard Style

The classic Indian favourite re-imagined with a hint of zesty sesame and served with a side of coriander and sesame chutney, and tangy pickled onion rings. The tikka was fresh, and we could taste the delicious ingredients that went into making the marinade. The cottage cheese was just the right amount of charred, and most importantly was served piping hot!Junk It Up With An Eclectic Global Menu At The Junkyard Café, Saket


Lamb Dollops

Imagine lamb meatballs. Now imagine that you bit into one, and what you taste isn’t just soft and juicy minced meat but also melted cheese and jalapeno. That is precisely what the lamb dollops were. Deep-fried balls of minced lamb stuffed with jalapeno and cheese; and served with a delicious cheese-jalapeno dip.Junk It Up With An Eclectic Global Menu At The Junkyard Café, Saket


EBI Prawn Tempura Sushi

The fact that the same menu that carried items like a paneer tikka and lamb dollops, also had a section dedicated to sushi, speaks volumes about the diversity that Junkyard Café offers in cuisines. The Prawn Tempura sushi was on-point. Complete, with wasabi, sashimi, and soy sauce, the platter was sheer delight!Junk It Up With An Eclectic Global Menu At The Junkyard Café, Saket


Prawn & Mushroom Pizza

Yes, they had pizza too. Light on the crust and heavy on the topping, the pizza was just the right amount of sauce, dough, cheese, prawn, and mushroom. A rare combination, the prawn-mushroom-cheese trio tasted surprisingly good and the beautiful thin crust, which was wood-fired to perfection, was simply the cherry on the icing!Junk It Up With An Eclectic Global Menu At The Junkyard Café, Saket


Red Wine Sangria

How can there not be wine? Junkyard’s sangria was just the right amount of wine, juice, soda, and fruits. Though, a few more fresh fruits in the mix would do wonders, we loved our wine with apples just as much!


In closing we’d like to add that with its young and energetic vibe, Junkyard could easily be the next IT place for you to party at. And with all that food and drinks, we don’t see why it shouldn’t!