When Julia Child & Gordon Ramsay Had An Epic Face-Off

It’s been less than a fortnight, and Gordon Ramsay has already planted himself in a face-off against yet another chef. Only this time, the face-off actually happened. Technically. Practically, a face-off between Julia Child and Gordon Ramsay is impossible considering the former culinary expert passed away a decade ago. But trust the madcap creative heads over at ERB (Epic Rap Battles of History), to recreate anyone and everyone.

The channel, which is famous for bringing famous personalities from different eras face-to-face for a brutal rap battle, has previously gotten the likes of Zeus & Thor; Steven Spielberg & Alfred Hitchcock; and even Romeo-Juliet & Bonnie-Clyde for rap battles that’ll have you rolling on the ground!

The language may come across as a tad crass. But then just remember that it’s a rap battle not a nursery rhyme face-off. Anywho, here’s what would’ve probably happened if Child and Ramsay crossed paths and spoke their true minds.