Juice for Immunity: 7 Body Strengthening Recipes

Juicing isn’t a foreign concept anymore as more people are living healthier and leading active lifestyles. In addition to eating fruits and vegetables, anyone can incorporate healthy smoothies into their diet to pump more essential nutrients into their bodies

There are lots of choices for making juice for immunity, but you want to make something to support the recovery of the immune system. In addition, some recipes are also filling, delicious, and incredibly easy to make with minimal ingredients required. 

Check out this list of seven body strengthening juice recipes you can make at home. These recipes are meant for boosting the immune system, support weight loss, and strengthen other body systems. Read on to learn more.

Juice for Immunity: 7 Body Strengthening Recipes

Ginger Zinger

Not a lot of people like the taste of ginger, which can leave a zing kind of after taste. Good thing you can throw in other ingredients to complement the taste of ginger. For this recipe, we are combining carrots, lemon, and apples together with ginger. 

The part is tasting the spice and sweetness in a sip, with the combination of apples and carrots. This particular recipe has a number of health benefits, including lowering blood sugar, curbing cancer growth, and supporting cardiovascular health. 

Vitamin C Blast

It’s a no brainer that Vitamin C is important for the body. It’s necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues, and it boosts the function of the immune system. Moreover, it helps maintain the bones, teeth, and cartilage.

For this juice, you’ll be needing fresh mint, ginger, orange, spinach, apple, and lemon. Combine everything in the juicer and you’ll get this delicious Vitamin C Blast smoothie to start your morning. 

Antioxidants Blast

Just like Vitamin C, antioxidants are great for the body as it helps fight diseases. This also cancels out free radicals, so healthy cells are protected. Getting your dose of antioxidants keeps you looking good and feeling good. 

Berries are the best sources of antioxidants, making your body stronger. These are sweet and nutritious at the same time. For the juice, simply mix together blueberries, strawberries, and beets. The good thing about this is that the strong taste of beet is canceled out by the sweet berries. 

Green Giant

When thinking of veggies, greens are probably what come to mind. The green giant involves more green ingredients, including cucumber, celery, and kale, plus apples, lemon, and ginger. 

These ingredients are the perfect combo for strengthening the immune system. Taking the juice in the morning just keeps you energized, so you can start the day right. For instance, celery is a great source of antioxidants and helps with digestion. 

Cucumber Cooler

The natural sweetness and freshness of cucumbers make it a wonderful vegetable. Now, imagine if you’re going to make it into a juice together with celery, lemon, and cantaloupe.

Generally, cucumber is high in essential nutrients and contains antioxidants. It also promotes hydration and aid weight loss, the perfect ingredient to add to your diet. 

Healthy Mary

If you’re thinking fresh tomato juice is gross, then try this Healthy Mary recipe. It’s a combination of lemon, celery, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño, and tomatoes. The spice from the jalapeño and cilantro complement the taste of cucumber and tomatoes for that refreshing drink. 

The ingredients have disease-fighting nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. The taste is decent and you can incorporate Vitamin C into your diet. 

Squash Orange Juice 

Juice for Immunity: 7 Body Strengthening Recipes

A good load of Vitamin A and C keeps the immunity in great shape, so your body can fight off diseases. For this recipe, you’ll be needing butternut squash, carrot, oranges, orange bell pepper, lime, and ginger. One serving contains 1g of fat, 48g of carbohydrates, 4g of protein, and 187 calories.


It’s important that you consume fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and to help prevent different diseases. Check out these essential juices for immunity, and try them out now to be in tip-top shape. 

By boosting your immunity, you can easily fight off colds and keep doing the things you love without feeling down. And, if you are interested in detox juice, then check out our other articles.