Joe Biden’s Love For Ice Cream Is Unmatched!

The United States of America has got a rather food-oriented bunch of people sitting int Congress sessions. Whether it’s Mr. President-elect and his love for Big Mac and taco bowls or Congressman Louie Gohmert and his barbecue desires, food seems to be of the essence to all of them. Joining the list of food lovers is America’s (soon to be former) Vice-President Joe Biden, whose love for ice cream is unmatched.

Not once, not twice, not thrice, but tens of times, Biden has been vocal and rather exhibition-al about his gelato cravings. In May, the VP declared he eats “more ice cream than three other people you’d like to be with, all at once.” And four months on, he went ahead and scoffed down a cone on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And that’s not all; major social media platforms like Huffington Post and Tumblr have even dedicated a tag and a page, respectively, to Biden’s ice cream-eating prowess.

Joseph BidenImage: Time

Also, you know Biden really truly loves his gelato when CNN makes a 40-second montage of the man eating the dessert! The video, which was posted last week, even features interludes of Biden expressing his love for the frozen food. CNN’s social media team sure did pay a lot of attention to things other than the candidature for the POTUS while covering the US Presidential Elections this year. As is evident by the video of Biden and his edible love.

Watch the video below.


P.S. Is it just us or is that background score uber sultry?


Feature Image: Politico