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Jimmy Kimmel Went Around Brooklyn Uncovering Bartenders’ Secrets


Celebrity host Jimmy Kimmel was recently in Brooklyn, and while in the NYC borough, he went around local bars talking to bartenders. These conversations were more questions than chat, with Kimmel firing some bizarre at the drink makers, who revealed some interesting secrets about their job in the segment, which was christened ‘Brooklyn Bartender Ridiculous Questions’.

The bartenders spoke about the “tending part of their job” and explained it as being “close to their customers”, listening to them, speaking with them, and basically just listening to their problems. Though most of the time, according to Jimmy Muir of Clemente’s Maryland Crab House in Sheepshead Bay, he “fakes it”. Listening and/or solving the customers’ problems, that is. Oh well, not like drunk us would remember what the bartender said, anyway.

But that was hardly the ridiculous part, which came on as Kimmel unleashed his set of crazy question, asking the bartenders things like “would you rather have a bottle opener pertinently installed in your armpit or the ability to dispense club soda out of your nose?”. However, the one thing that the host really wanted to know was whether these bartenders could spell ‘daiquiri’. And it’s safe to say that a majority of them didn’t know it.

Also, did you know that most bartenders lie to you when they don’t to make your drink? Well, at least in Brooklyn they do. Ernie Blundell of The Gather Inn Again pub in Gerritsen Beach discloses the one lie that he tells his customers. “A lot of times, ‘the blender’s not working.’” Ernie says, with a shrug. “I can shake it for you, but they don’t want a shake and I know that, so I just tell them no.”

Watch all the conversations between Kimmel and the bartenders in the video below.


Feature Image: Vanity Fair

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