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Jimmy Kimmel Tracked Down The Man Who Paid $100k For The Harambe Cheeto


And we would’ve done exactly what he did after that!

A few days back a particular Hot Cheeto was making the rounds on the World Wide Web. The snack grabbed so much attention that even Jimmy Kimmel featured it on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. So what was so special about this Cheeto that the Internet went bananas about it? Well, remember (late) Harambe? Yes, the famed Cincinnati Zoo gorilla. Turns out the friggin’ Cheeto looked like Harambe! But the madness – and the Internet’s ability to make absolutely anything happen – does not end there. Read on.

The man who found the gorilla-looking puffed cornmeal snack in his bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, was smart enough to make some money off of his find and put up the Cheeto for sale on eBay. We call it a smart move, because someone actually bought it. For a whopping $99,900 (~INR 6,700k). The buyer is a lawyer in Burbank, CA and poops money. How do we know? Jimmy Kimmel told us! We’re kidding about the fecal money though. But that would’ve totally made sense, don’t you think?

Anyhoo, the TV show host tracked down the Harambe (or Cheeto) fanatic and paid the man a visit, which turned into Anger Management 101 gone wrong! Watch the clip from the show below and find out what Kimmel did when he met the buyer!

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