Jimmy Fallon & Kevin James As Cops Are The Messiest Eaters

Warning: If spitting, spilling, and messy eating (or all of those things combined), disgust you. Or even if you disgust easily, you’ve been warned, because the following video contains just that.

Kevin James made a quick stop at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and just like every other guest was subjected to a fair amount of madness with a dash of embarrassment. Fallon and James had featured together in a fake TV show titled Point Pleasant Police Department. And given the host’s enthusiasm, he was more than happy to unearth an episode of the same on the Tonight Show.

The 9-minute snippet from the fake series features Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James at their gross and filthy best. Decked up as cops, the two are stuffing their faces with what looks like porridge. And for some reason, the two cops absolutely must speak while they eat, resulting in a series of projectile food spitting.

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-6-06-31-pm*Holds back gag reflex*

As mentioned before, the sketch is not for the spit and filth haters. But people who can hold back their reflexes, will have a ball watching James and Fallon at their comic best. The two are discussing rather pressing matters – what exactly, we still aren’t sure – while downing the maximum amount of food the human mouth can hold. And mind you, they are not eating neat and dry things like bread or cookies, but a bunch of sloppy things. And there is A LOT of spitting, which escalates as the sketch progresses.

But despite all the mess, the sketch is fun to watch and packs a hilarious punch. Even the actors themselves can barely keep it together, but you can’t really fault them because of how silly the whole thing is. They can’t even keep their moustaches on, with James at on point falling into some potatoes before he finally gives up. Watch the full sketch below.

Images: YouTube