Jimmy Fallon Introduces Blake Shelton To Sushi

Have you ever been subjected to something – food, to be specific – that you’ve never tried before and may even have apprehensions about? If yes, then you’ve some truly wicked friends; and if not, then you need to be more adventurous in life.

Anywho, something similar happened to Blake Shelton. The American singer and TV personality was taken under Jimmy Fallon’s let’s-do-some-crazy-on-TV umbrella and made to eat sushi. Now, there’s nothing ‘OMG’ about having sushi. Unless you’re having it for the first time.

Fallon, known for his persuasive ways (how else does one convince Priyanka Chopra to have a atomic wings competition on TV?), left no stone unturned to make sure Shelton enjoyed the full Japanese sushi ritual. The duo headed to Nobu (yes, the Nobu) and feasted on some exotic sushi, sashimi and sake. Take a look at the hilarity that unfolded and Blake Shelton’s epic reactions and priceless descriptions of all that went into his mouth!