Jimmy Fallon & Aziz Ansari Go Through The Craziest Yelp Reviews

The Internet is a mad place. Especially platform that curate and collect reviews from a mixed bunch of people, rigorously punching down their words on their keyboard. One such platform is Yelp, which is a great place to know how good, bad, or terrible an eating establishment is, or alternatively vent out your frustration post a bad experience at a restaurant.

Last week, comedian Aziz Ansari, who is known for his whacky ways, was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. And as if Ansari wasn’t a crazy enough madcap, Fallon joined in on the fun as the two read out some really interesting literary snippets in a segment called “Dramatic Yelp Reviews.”

Jimmy Fallon & Aziz Ansari Go Through The Craziest Yelp ReviewsImage: Refinery29 

Yes, the segment was as hilarious as it sounds because the two guys read them together with hilarious dramatic flare. Jimmy reads what the customers submitted, while Aziz reads the owners’ responses, complete with a dramatic dim lighting and ambient piano music in the backdrop.

So basically there were nasty and ridiculous comments posted by Yelpers, followed by the owners’ equally snide reactions, and a big dollop of humour. All being narrated by Ansari who gave the accounts a hilarious kick, given his comic timing and prowess.

Watch the video and you’ll know why we’re typing through peels of laughter and tears streaming down our cheeks into our dropped jaws.


Images: YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon