Jet Airways To Pay INR 50,000 To A Customer Who Found A Button In His Food

Recently a journalist found a cockroach in her food while travelling by Air India and around the same time, a Jet Airways passenger had issues of his own. According to a report by Times of India, Hemant Desai of Surat who was travelling to Ahmedabad in a business class flight of Jet Airways, found a button in the garlic bread served to him while he was on board.

Airlines Buttoned Up By Court

Desai sued the airlines for Rs. 3 lakh after finding button in his in-flight food and was supported to do so by MP Parimal Nathwani who was also in the same flight. The airlines tried to settle the dispute out of court but the claim was later rejected by them. As the case went to the Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, Ahmedabad the airlines stated that the button wasn’t in the food that they supplied. The airlines further told the forum that the Desai did not show the button to any of the crew present adding that it caused not harm to him.

Jet Airways To Pay INR 50,000 To A Customer Who Found A Button In His Food

The court ruled in favour of Desai as he narrated the entire incident claiming that no complaint book was provided to him. The court stated that the airlines had shown deficiency in service and constituted an unfair trade practice. The court went on to say that it was evident that the airlines is only interested in earning money with lack of quality shown in the services of the airlines towards the business class passengers.

The final decision of the court said that Desai was to be payed Rs.50,000 by the airlines for the pain and agony caused to him with an additional Rs.5,000 as a reimbursement for his legal expenses. “We respect the order passed by the Hon’ble Consumer Court and have accordingly, complied with the same. We have no further comments to add,” Jet Airways told Moneycontrol.