Jennifer Lawrence Tells Us How To Differentiate Between Wine & Movie Reviews

Just like not everyone has a palate to appreciate wine, not every palate has the prowess to taste and critique wine either. That said, wine tastings are a ball and we would go for one at the drop of a hat! Especially if we had Jennifer Lawrence to accompany us!

Omaze recently did a video featuring the Hunger Games actress to promote a wine tasting experience with her. What was that? You’re wondering whether Lawrence is any good at the tasting drill? She expected nothing less than suspicion and apprehension from us, which is why the actress is out to remove all doubts that you may have regarding her wine skills with a fun game christened ‘Movie Review or Wine Review’.

The basic idea is to test whether the actress can differentiate between one of her movie’s reviews and a wine review based on just a one-line excerpt. For example, this:

Classy and generous while remaining elegant and subtle.

Any guesses whether that’s a wine review or something a film critique would write? Nope, it’s not a movie review but in fact a wine description. A description of a Domaine Leroy Chamberton Grand Cru, to be precise.

Find out how Jennifer Lawrence’s wine tasting skills fared in the video below. And if you want to join her for the tasting experience, enter your name here.

Jennifer Lawrence Plays "Movie Review or Wine Review?" // Omaze


Feature Image: Wine Spectator



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