Jennifer Garner Thinks Ellen DeGeneres’ Blind Taste Test Is “The Worst Game”

Actress, entrepreneur, and the creative mind behind the popular ‘Pretend Cook Show’, Jennifer Garner was recently a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The two talked movies and Garner’s upcoming organic baby food line, Once Upon A Farm, which transports cold-pressed, freshly made baby food from the farm to the grocery. Explaining the idea behind this venture, Garner said, “I have three lunch boxes to pack each day and understand the problems that must be solved with serving fresh food to young children,” adding, “My mother made every single meal for me, and I have always been a big believer in staying connected to the earth, which grows our food.”

The actress also spoke about her recent Oscar meme, and everyone was having a good time. But things sort of went down south for the Love, Simon star when DeGeneres whipped out her game cards.

DeGeneres is known for her funny – and at times whacky – sense of entertainment when it comes to planning out games for guests on her show. In Garner’s case, the 45-year-old was subjected to a ‘Blind Taste Test’, which according to the actress is “the worst game”. As per the game’s rules, Garner had to put a blindfold on and guess what she was being fed.Jennifer Garner Thinks Ellen DeGeneres’ Blind Taste Test Is “The Worst Game”

It was all fun and games (literally) until the host fed Jennifer a slice of pickle. Now, pickles are nice and tangy, unless you hate them, like Garner, in which case it’s nothing short of swallowing the sourest pill out there. Unfortunately for Garner, she had to swallow this sour pill because for every food that she ate and guesses correctly, the host promised to donate $1,000 to one of Garner’s favorite charities, Save the Children.

“I don’t like pickles,” Garner said through the food. “This is the worst game I’ve ever played. You’re the worst!”

Watch Ellen stuffing all sorts of fruits and foods into Garner’s face, which is half covered in the most hilarious blindfold, in the video below.