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Jennifer Garner Rejected By Supermarket Customers While Giving Baby Food Samples


Jennifer Garner tried to attract customers to sample her new baby food at Kroger supermarket in Cincinnati, Ohio. Garner is the co-founder of ‘Once Upon a Farm’ which is a line of cold-pressed organic baby food and applesauce. She greeted wandering customers who were shopping at the store. The mother of three said in her Instagram story, “Okay, I’m just hanging out at Kroger. Waiting.”

“It’s the first cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO, no sugar added, everything good that you would want to feed your baby when you make your baby’s food homemade, but if you just don’t have time, you know this is as close to homemade as you could possibly find,” she told Martha Stewart during a Facebook Live in July.

In her Instagram story, she can be seen approaching a male customer to try out the sample baby food but he politely declines just like several other customers.