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Jennifer Garner Pulls An Ina Gartner In A Make Believe Cooking Show


You remember how actress Jennifer Garner was a hundred percent relatable non-adulting adult in 13 Going On 30? Well, she’s back with some more of that “OMG Yaaaa” relatable content, this time in the form of a make believe cooking show, which is inspired by Ina Garten.

For those of you who are wondering “why Ina Garten”: Garner is a major fan of the Barefoot Contessa (much like a major chunk of the human race). Christened “Pretend Cooking Show”, the short video on Garner’s Facebook page features the Elektra actress reading out a honey white bread recipe from an Ina Garten cookbook (which she, adorably enough, kisses before starting off).

Now, we’re not sure if it’s the background score or Garner’s natural ability to extract an ‘aww’ out of us that makes the video seamlessly adorable.

However, it’s not all charm and cuteness, Garner also shares some legit baking tips. And honestly, much like everyone who has come in contact with this video, we too are wishing that the Alias actress comes up with a cooking show of her own. Or at least one where she does a dramatic reading of Ina’s recipe books.

Watch Jennifer Garner’s pretend cooking show below.

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