Javed Akhtar Has Penned The Lyrics For This Nostalgic Parle G Ad

Ever Indian child has a story about Parle G biscuits. Perhaps they were the first snacks they bought themselves from their neighbourhood kirana. Perhaps they used to sneakily nibble them on them during classes. Perhaps they got into fights with siblings over the last biscuit. Whatever the case, every Indian household has stocked Parle-G biscuits.

Javed Akhtar Has Penned The Lyrics For This Nostalgic Parle G Ad

Seeking to capture the role Parle G has played in every Indian’ s life, the brand has launched a new ad campaign.

Bharat Ka Apna Biscuit

Named ‘Bharat Ka Apna Biscuit’, the campaign turns the focus to young Indians who are creating a ‘new India’ filled with new goals, new dreams and new achievements. However, it says that amidst change some things remain the same; “the sky is still blue, there are still waves in the Ocean…and even today, every Indian’s favourite is PArle-G.”

The lyrics to the video have been penned by lyrist Javed Akhtar.

Speaking about the campaign, Mayank Shah, category head, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. commented, “We at Parle are proud of the achievements and milestones of young Indians. Whether it is in science, technology, fashion or sports, Indians today are making a difference in the world. Parle-G, which is one of the most loved brands of India, has always been a champion of excellence and today it continues to be a part of India’s advancement as a global economy.”

Aside from the TVC, the campaign will include a digital campaign and movie partnerships with Raees and Kabil