Japanese Baker Makes Art In Each Loaf of Bread

Bread is delicious in any and every shape and size and form. But now, a Japanese baker has made it that much more attractive by adding  some art to each loaf of bread.

Konel Bread, on Instagram, regularly shares her artsy bread showcasing all kinds of different designs on her loaves of bread. Whether it’s a flower or a Facebook like icon or a flower, each loaf is different from the other.

Her inspiration? Sushi roll art.

Typically made with separate rolls of colour dough, bread art isn’t a new phenomenon. But this kind of detailed art definitely is. Arranged in long tubes, the dough eventually puffs up as the bread bakes. So in order to get the bread to bake a certain way, the baker needs to plan ahead. 

With the help of her son, she films each post and shares it on Instagram. From videos of her cutting the bread to show what she has made to photographs of the sliced bread itself, this is an interesting take on something popular and simple like bread.


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