Japanese Artist Creates Popular Food With the Help of Lego

Artists, designers, chefs and just about anyone that is passionate about food and art has always changed the way we see food as art. Now, this Japanese Lego artist has really changed the face of ‘food art’.

Only known as Tary, these Japanese artist is using Lego to create and design famous food from bento boxes to burgers and fried chicken even.

In the last few months alone, Lego has been used to create all other kinds of food projects like the McDonald’s fries dispenser, a mini sushi restaurant with a built-in conveyer belt and a coin-operated McNuggets dispenser. While none of it is officially by Lego or by the brand themselves, it’s still definitely quite the treat.

Take a look:

A bento box with chopsticks.

Burger & fries!

Katsudon, a traditional dish which has pork chops over rice.

And no meal is complete without dessert.