Find Out Just How Many Calories and Alcohol Your Country Consumes Each Day

Most people would think that America, with its large population of obsese people would be the largest consumer of calories, but surprisingly it isn’t. That dubious award goes to Austria instead, according to a study conducted by Recovery Brands. 


For the study, Recovery Brands looked at data on the calorie intake of the countries studied by the  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. They also looked at data regarding tobacco consumption and alcohol intake and graphed changes in the various intakes over the years.

Calorie Counting 

According to the findings, Austrians take in the maximum amount of calories at 3,769 calories per day. North America also has a large calorie intake as do several European countries. Meanwhile India falls on the other side of the spectrum by indications that a majority of our population consumes only 2,500 calories daily.


However, despite Austria’s high calorie intake, the US has the highest rates of obesity while Belgium, which has the same calorie intake as America, has a much lower obesity rate. Reasons for this could be lifestyle factors as well as the type of calories consumed. The short end? Counting calories isn’t the only thing you need to do to lose weight.

The researchers also graphed the change of calorie consumption over time:


As you can see, the amount of calories eaten has risen significantly all over the world over the past few years.

Drinking Data

On the other hand, the trends in alcohol consumption are different; while it’s reduced in some countries, others show a significant rise in the litres a person drinks annually.


Meanwhile, the data also shows that alcohol consumption is at its highest in Eastern Europe and especially Lithuania, perhaps because of the popularity of vodka in Russia and its neighbouring countries:


Wherever you live, this data shows that food trends are changing and our intake of food is increasing. Through the research, we can perhaps better come to understand the health of various countries as a whole.