Japan Is In Love With This Cheeseburger Because Of Donald Trump

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump was on a five-country Asia tour, wherein he also visited and dined with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as well. And while the state dinners included a variety of traditional Japanese grubs, the American head of state’s love for fast food too was taken into consideration. Trump scoffed down a specially stacked cheeseburger that created quite a stir in the country and its citizen.


All American Meal

The American-inspired meal featured the (now) popular hamburger and steak, which was prepared by famous Tokyo-based fast food chain Munch’s Burger Shack. Chef and owner Yutaka Yanagisawa put together a $12 Colby Jack and fries for the POTUS. The meal was made for not just Trump and Abe but an entourage of almost two dozen people.

Following the special dinner, the hamburger and steak have garnered a fair amount of attention, with people coming from everywhere in Japan to try out the foods Trump ate. In fact, as per reports, the restaurant saw a 7 per cent rise in company share prices following the two state heads’ visit to Munch’s Burger Shack’s Ginza outlet.

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Chef Yanagisawa is a well-known name in the Japanese food industry. He believes that when cooking, the feelings put in for the customer are more important that the taste.


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