Japan Has Debuted A New Cough Drop Kit Kat Flavor

It’s no secret that Japan has some pretty eccentric Kit Kat flavors. Most of the time they’re pretty delicious like wasabi or Kit Kat Sushi. However, this time they’ve come out with a real doozy – Cough Drop Kit Kat (no, we’re not kidding).

According to Nestle, the cough drop-flavored candy has a white chocolate coating with a 2.1 percent dose of throat lozenge flavor that boasts a “fresh and invigorating” flavor. Just what you want from your Kit Kat?

The inspiration for this unique cough drop Kit Kat is to promote the Japanese national soccer team’s FIFA 2018 run. The idea was the flavor was developed to help fans ease the irritation when they cheer on their team.  In collaboration with Asahi TV, former soccer star and broadcaster, Yasutaro Matsuki is the gentleman featured on the packaging.
The new Cough Drop Kit Kat flavor is available only until the 10th of September so if you’re keen on trying out lozenge flavored chocolate make it pronto!


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