Japan Celebrates the Ghostbusters with a Marshmallow Burger


With the Ghostbusters reboot coming to the silver screen in the next few months, it’s expected that people are going to find delicious concoctions dedicated to the movie.

Japan is the one place in the whole world that is famous for creating food items out of the most bizarre of ingredients. And in honour of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, J.S. Burgers Café in Japan has introduced a special menu of stranger than life Ghostbusters­-themed dishes. There’s a green kiwi smoothie, that resembles ectoplasm and a G.B Burger that is topped with black olives and anchovy paste.

But the one that really grabs your attention might just be the Marshmallow Mad Burger. For those who have seen the original movie, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is the ultimate paranormal monster that the team has to take down.

What is it made of?

Firstly, it’s a dessert. Secondly, it’s made of roasted marshmallows, Oreos and a raspberry or cherry flavoured sauce topping. It’s a delicious looking dessert and could maybe even make-up your whole meal.

Then again, as we say in the world of food – there’s always room for dessert.