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Jamun Is The Flavour Of The Monsoon, Taste The Best Of It At Turban Tales Mumbai


It was reining relentlessly when we reached the warm and friendly restaurant, Turban Tales in Powai. Making ourselves comfortable we were pleased with every bit of time we spent at this gorgeous, homely restaurant and can’t wait to share our experience with you.

The Ambience

Old-style lanterns, manjis to lounge on and an appeal that takes you to the warmth of a dhaba is all present at Turban Tales. It somehow amalgamates the chic and the modern with the old-school, friendly environment you find at a roadside dhaba when you simply want to stretch your legs and eat piping hot meals. The music? Matching to the Punjabi appeal of the ambience the latest hits completed the charm of this amazing place.

The Food

As soon as we arrived, we sipped on delicious Kaale Chane Ka Shorba and Chicken Jahangir Shorba and the warmth much needed after a rainy evening seeped right in. The monsoon menu truly started to show that it has been planned very well. Soon after we were served Rassa Aloo Khasta Kachori which was also delicious.

For the appetizers we tried Rang Birangey Burgers which were made using in-house jamun infused kulchas. While you’re sinking that in we have to mention that the bread was melt-in-the-mouth soft and the filling was succulent. We moved on to trying their take on the local vada pao and giving it a non-vegetarian twist – Chicken Vada. Absolutely a smacker of a dish served with the classic garlic masala, the vada batter was kept in its original way while the stuffing of potatoes was replaced by chicken. Heavenly!

Their khasta rolls had a flaky pastry crust and when you bite into it the cheese and chicken filling does a little bhangra on the tastebuds. We also saved some space in our stomach to try out a recommended dish from the regular menu which was Tikka Supreme. Melted cheese oozes out of this smoky chicken tikka as soon as you put it your mouth. It is a must try!

The monsoon menu lays focus on beverages as much as on their food. So they’ve kept appetizing, zingy drinks that cleanses the palate and refreshes you. The Kokum Soda is tangy with a hint of all the right spices, the Cumin Mocktale is perfect to sip on as you feast. Both compliment the season perfectly. The Jamun Milkshake is an absolute treat with its frothy, creamy texture and delightful jamun flavour.

A meal cannot be complete without desserts and we loved each and everyone we tried. Ras Wale Jamun were rasgullas stuffed with jamun and served on a bed of jamun basundi. Soft and delicious, this was an amazing dessert. For those who love rabdi, Turban Tales have an elegant Cherry Rabdi for them. It is creamy and the fresh cherries makes it really tasty.

Jamun Cheese Cake was also a unique combination. The delightful part was that it had chocolate crumb in place of the regular biscuit one which made it exquisite. We also tried their Paan Ice Cream which is on their regular menu and was without a doubt the best of all. Refreshing exactly like a paan, it was the perfect end to a perfect meal.

Easy On The Pocket

If you look on the right side of the menu, you’ll actually be surprised by the pricing. The easy-on-the-pocket pricing was kept in the mind to complete the whole dhaba appeal. People eat at dhabas not only for the delicious food but also because they are affordable. Turban Tales too lives up to those expectations.

The menu curated by Mr. Harmeet Singh who’s the chef and the owner has truly put his heart and sole into Turban Tales as every ingredient on each dish sings on the taste buds. Next time you’re in Powai, you know where to go to grab a bite.