Jamie’s Pizzeria Is Coming To Mumbai In August!

Mumbai foodies, brace yourselves for some news that will chase all those mid-week blues away! Jamie’s Pizzeria which, with much fanfare, arrived in Delhi last year will be opening up in Mumbai’s High Street Phoenix in a matter of months! We saw the sign a couple of days ago in the mall’s courtyard and immediately began doing a little jig much to the amusement of our fellow shoppers.


Why The Excitement?

Well, Jamie Oliver is Jamie Oliver. A British chef of international renown, he’s charmed many with his good looks, insane cooking skills and commitment to promoting healthier eating practices.


In June 2008, Oliver opened Jamie’s Italian in England. The restaurant proved immensely popular and was soon franchised globally. Jamie’s Pizzeria is a part of Jaime’s Italian which was launched for the first time as a standalone restaurant in Gurgaon.

Jamie’s Pizzeria Comes To Mumbai

Now, Mumbaikars too can get a little closer to Oliver’s culinary powress by tasting pizzas at his restaurant.


We’d imagine the menu is close to the Gurgaon outlet, which features hand stretched 11 inch pizza for approximately Rs.500, salads and sides made with fresh ingredients and sorbets, affogato and a range of other desserts.

Jamie’s Pizzeria will open in August near High Street Phoenix’s Starbucks.